Yoga tips for a flat belly

Best yoga tips for a flat belly

Yoga is an effective way to combine your body with the mind, then mind with your soul.

This involves various breathing controlled postures that help in reducing extra weight.

Flat stomach through yoga postures is an effective technique used by many women. Here are few yoga postures for a flat belly.

Yoga posture 1:

image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia

image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia

One way to reduce your belly is to sit in the pose of boat. Bring your knees toward you and stretch your arms and finger outwards and place them on your knees.

Stretch your legs upward and forward. Repeat this step 5 times.

Yoga posture 2:

Second yoga posture is bit difficult. In this posture you have to follow the above poster for inhaling. Then continue inhale with changing your pose. Stretch arm outward and move legs upward. Place your back on the yoga mat. Then exhale. Then again go back in boat posture. Repeat like this and you will feel a better change.

Yoga posture 3:

This posture is another difficult one starts from the basic pose of boat of yoga. In this you have to make a scissor like posture in which your arms are holding your head and elbows are lightly above the head. Legs are stretched.

One leg is rolled back toward the belly to apply pressure on it.

This posture is effective is pressing bellies to get fast results of tight tummy. Continue inhaling and exhaling. Inhale while remain in boat posture and continue till you change your pose completely. After changing the posture, exhale. Repeat and enjoy yoga.

All the yoga tips are effective  if regular flat belly exercises and diet plans are followed with full motivation.

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