Yoga for starters

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image: © iofoto / Fotolia

Yoga for starters

If you are starting yoga and are not familiar with it then there are some yoga tips for beginners that you should keep in mind.

  • Where to practice

Before starting yoga you should select a good spot for exercises as yoga exercises include stretching so you might need a medium sized area which would not affect your stretching.So select a place wisely.

  • Get a mat

There are different types of mat out there and you have to select the one which is perfect for you.

Some of them are thin and some of them are thick. There are some mats which have lines so that you can align yourself while exercising.

  • Study yoga

Before jumping directly into the yoga exercises, it is recommended that you do some research and get yourself familiar with general terms and poses of yoga. This will help a lot and you will not get into any confusion if you are joining a yoga class.

  • Peace of mind and body

When you are performing yoga, keep in mind that your concentration is fully concentrated in yoga. There would be some exercises that would require breathing and will ask you to relax. So in that case the required results will not be achieved if you are not focusing.

  • Keep track of your exercises

Get a journal and start writing about the exercises that you have done. You can also draw the pose by stick drawing method if you think that you might confuse that pose with another. This would help you a lot.

  • Child’s pose

Most of the times you will be asked to do child’s pose after doing some exercises in yoga class. So you should know about this resting pose.

So these are some of the yoga tips for beginners that would help you in starting yoga.

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