Worried about your weight? Try Yoga…!

image:© Fotowerk / Fotolia

image:© Fotowerk / Fotolia

Worried about your weight?

Or feeling fat and chubby because of the excessive naughty fat which is stubborn to stick to every part of your body and not let you go?

You might sometimes have wondered how yoga can actually be the cause of weight loss.

Well to answer it in simple terms, yoga increases the metabolism of the body resulting in effective weight loss and in this way fat don’t cling to you

and you remain fit and lean even when you are a real food-lover.

The top yoga exercises for weight loss includes the first exercise that targets your stomach where most people complain about registering fat.

All you have to do is lie down and bend your knees and touch them to your chest while putting arms around your bent legs. Now you will feel strain on your abs when you lift you head and bring it to the knees, that’s where you need to relax your muscles to ease the strain.

Now lie down on your stomach and flatten your legs and hips to the floor. When you do that you have to place under your shoulders, your hands and lift your head,

upper back off the floor and the stretch will be felt going through the body. Relax to the former position after a while.

Now lie in the same relaxed position upside down and bending your knees and trying to touch your feet. Mean while you should pull your stomach in, lie there for a while and then relax to the former position.

You might be surprised to see that that yoga exercises for weight loss have been really accepted all over the world where some dive into the midst of bikram yoga or simple poses.

Preferably when you go for bikram yoga, the heat in the room usually cut down the water weight and takes out the toxins from body.


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