Why You Should Ditch Facial Makeups For Yoga

image:© Rawpixel / Fotolia

image:© Rawpixel / Fotolia

Why You Should Ditch Facial Makeups For Yoga

When it comes to face uplifting, a whole lot of people will impulsively opt for cosmetics, makeups and cosmetic surgery because it is the only solution they know. To others, it may be the quickest option. The fastest means is always the best means right? Guess they come with their down sides, don’t they?

There is another alternative called Yoga which comes with a zero down side. Doesn’t it sound cool already? Yes, yoga is the best way to get a facial toned skin without ever spending money on makeups.

Yoga are postures and breathing technique and exercise used in bringing to oneness the body, mind and soul. It is an Indian knowledge that is over five thousand years old.

There are about fifty five facial muscles which would begin to sag from disuse after sometime. Just like going to the gym helps keep you body firm and sexy, facial yoga helps to strengthen the muscles of the face to give you the smooth, evenly toned face without the wrinkle lines.

Most multicoloured skin tones are as a result of poor blood circulation. Face yoga helps to improve blood circulation around the face which will leave your skin evenly toned.

Yoga exercise for every part of the face to make look toned

Every part of the face has a peculiar exercise that targets the muscles of the area. It is always good to take them one at a time rather than trying to merge the into a single exercise. The former will produce better result over time than the latter.

1) Yoga exercise for the forehead: too much frowning will make your forehead will cause premature wrinkling. Exercise of the forehead targets the muscles of the occipital frontalis.

To do this you need a clean hand. Place a finger horizontally across the eyebrow and pull down slightly. Then try to counter this pressure by raising your eye brow for a moment. Drop your brow and repeat for fifteen to twenty times.

2) Yoga for the mouth: some people’s eye lids have sagged so badly they look older than their grannies. Yoga of the eye is done by closing and opening one eye for ten to fifteen times. The opening and closing of the eye can also be alternated between the two eyes and same result will be achieved.

3) Nose Yoga: the nose is probably the most prominent part of the face. Nothing ruins a fine face like a wrinkled nose. Nose exercise targets the muscles of the nostrils (the nasalis muscles).

This is done by raising the tip of the nose from underneath using the thumb. Then attempt pushing your nose down against your thumb. Repeat for fifteen to twenty times.

4) Yoga for the cheeks: have you seen a bull dog’s face before? That is how your face will look like if you let your face muscles sag. Cheek exercise involves sucking them in and holding it in for fifteen seconds before releasing them. Repeat this fifteen to twenty times.

Getting an evenly toned face through Yoga is by far cheaper than the cosmetics method which often comes with future problem. Why don’t you give it a try today?

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