What is the role of Asana Yoga in Health

What is the role of Asana Yoga in Health

Asana is defined as the position of seating that is relaxed for specific time period. Asana yoga has two basic components. First one is the place of yoga exercise and the other one is a seating posture of yoga practice.

The posture should be therapeutic that means it should bring the feelings of liveliness, self-awareness and inner peace. Further the place should be well-ventilated, free of noise and comfortable as much as possible.

image: © Lev Dolgatsjov / Fotolia

image: © Lev Dolgatsjov / Fotolia

The role of Asana yoga in health is very important. One need to know that yoga involves the movement of total eight limbs.

In hierarchy, asana is treated as third limb that can only achievable after feeling internal peace.

The different and influential postures during Asana yoga contribute in increasing the satisfaction with life and shape the life in better way.

Asana yoga keeps a balance between movements and immobility. Moreover, it provides a way to make strong connection with God.

By doing Asana yoga, one can build up the will more strongly. It always allows the person to increase the spiritual practices and to offer the prayer in physical form.

You can realize that your body, mind and soul can be nourished due to the practice of Asana yoga.

There are different types of Asnana yoga that are Sun Obeisance, Essential Breathing, For the Head, The Louts, and Shoulder Stand.

Each type has different meaning for regulating health in terms of physical and psychological terms. Overall, the role of Asana yoga in health could not be neglected.

The unique advantage of this exercise is that it helps in improving memory, concentration and sensations. Especially for women, it assists in having long and beautiful hairs.

Last but not least, this specific form of yoga is suitable for both males and females. Anyone can enjoy practicing this, so you must start now to have a healthy life.

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