Top 5 yoga tips for beginners

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image: © wariom / Fotolia

Top 5 yoga tips for beginners

If you are planning to start performing yoga first time then take some advices from your instructors and friends who are already doing yoga. Other than this option, here are effective yoga tips for beginners.

Find a qualified and experienced teacher

For beginners it is necessary to look for a qualified and experienced teacher, who knows well how to breathe and perform all yoga poses.

You should learn through styles and postures of a teacher instead of watching videos. Physical interaction with teachers at beginning builds more confidence.

Be positive in your first class

You are doing yoga first time and your teacher will definitely guide you again and again to correct your poses and movements. No need to take it on heart. Just do it as teachers say and stay light hearted and sit with full spirits of learning.

Do not compare

You may be the first person in class who came to start yoga first time. Other may be experienced. No need to compare your yoga practice with them as they know already how to breathe, move and bend. Learn by just concentrating on your on poses.

Do not overburden your body

As you are new in yoga practice, ask your teacher and heath specialists to advise you poses that will not affect your health. Start with small stretches and bend that do not affect your knees and ankle. Few poses are not recommended for beginners. Never try to start your yoga with these. Also, certain health problems do not allow few yoga postures. Avoid these and perform healthy yoga to build strength and strong mental abilities.

Healthy Breathing

Yoga is all about how to breathe in various poses. Inhaling and exhaling timing according to postures are defined. Learn how to breathe well to benefit whole body.

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