The wide angle pose of yoga stimulates the reproductive organs

The wide angle with Upavistha Konasana

Upavistha Konasana is named as seated wide angle forward bend for the common use.

This type of yoga exercise has proved itself to an activity which releases the stress and triggers up the activities related to sex life.

This posture has demonstrated itself to be completely interminable.

image: ©Serg Zastavkin / Fotolia

image: ©Serg Zastavkin / Fotolia

Steps for performing this pose

Following pose should be performed by keeping the under lined steps in mind

  • The first step for this pose is to sit on the floor by stretching the legs out in a front direction.
  • Now slowly keep on opening your legs and make a perpendicular position towards the hips of your body.
  • Now take a lean at your back at some slight level.
  • Bend in the forward direction towards the side of floor.
  • Now widen your hips to a little separated distance.
  • Now slowly hook up the area of your upper thighs towards the floor and make a position such that knees are facing the ceiling of your room.
  • Now stretch your legs more tighter in such a position that now toes of your feet are pointing towards the ceiling of your room.
  • Keep on stretching your hands towards the direction of stretched legs and by keeping firm anchoring on the floor.
  • Now move up the joint of your hip by making in a forward direction.
  • Now hold your toes.
  • Retain this position for few minutes and then relax.


It helps in stretching of thighs, knees and hips. This full boat pose helps in lengthening of your spine and hamstrings.

This pose of yoga stimulates the reproductive organs.


People with back bone injury should not perform this pose. A blanket should be used for keeping a support for the bone of tail.


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