The magic relaxation-yoga

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image: © yanlev / Fotolia

The magic relaxation-yoga

When energy seem to be all lost, and you are in desperate need for a peace time then you might be surprised that a little juggling of the muscles and pretty free breathing can revive your mood in a jiffy.

A person naturally relax through inhaling and exhaling deeply and simple yoga stretches for daily de-stressing can be started with a little exercise of breathing notably known in technical terms as “square breathing”.

While you sit in a comfortable place inhale your breaths through the count of four and hold your breath for another four counts and let go. Relax a bit and try again for a good breathing experience.

Interlock your fingers and with arms held above the head, try keeping your arms in line of sight with the ears while the mean while you should be focusing on relaxing the shoulder muscles. While holding five breaths inside you should relax and do it again.

Next is your foot to be like hip-distance away. While holding your arms from the sides and do a little swinging of them trying to meet the arm by getting the left elbow on top of your right.

You might even try to interlock your hands in a palm-facing way, and look in a straight line with your arms at elevation and breathing held for five moments. In the mean while there should be a strong stretch felt in your neck and shoulders.

Keeping your legs the same way as told you might try doing a little catch game behind you while trying to catch an imaginary ball while clenching your fists in air behind you to the maximum elevation you can give your arms without too much strain on shoulders.

When it comes to simple yoga stretches for daily de-stressing you will find the above steps as the major constituent of yoga as explained by professionals. Happy yoga.

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