The Full Boat Pose – Paripurna Navasana

The Full Boat Pose (Paripurna Navasana)

Paripurna Navasana is also named as the full boat pose. This type of yoga pose makes its actions in finding stability, balance and keeps up the erection of your body. This pose of exercise makes the body calm and helps in maintaining its alignment. It regulates the body mind and emotions.

image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia

image: © Dmitry Sunagatov / Fotolia


Following steps should be kept in mind while performing this pose:

  • Bend your knees by sitting on the floor.
  • Make your feet in a flat position and put your legs together.
  • Now make your hands slide a bit at back of your fingers and hips by making them to point towards feet.
  • Now bent your elbows by putting them away from your body.
  • Do net let your back to get a round shape.
  • Sit straight with erection.
  • Drawing the blades of shoulder will lift you and will open up your chest.
  • Now slowly lengthen up your legs by your heels
  • Make an angle of degrees 45 by completely straightening of thighs.
  • Next step is to keep on stretching your arms in a forward direction along with your legs in a direction which faces your palms in upward direction.
  • Relax your shoulders by opening up the chest.
  • Hold up this posture for one minute and then release your body and exhale.


Benefits of the full boat pose

  • This yoga pose tones up the muscles
  • It improves the balance of body and helps in digestion
  • It stimulates the kidneys and intestines
  • Helps in relief of stress


Advice for this pose

Do not try the full boat pose if you are suffering from hip and leg injury.

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