The baby pose helps in releasing the tension from your area of lower back

The baby poses Ananda Balasana

Ananda Balasana is also known as the happy baby pose. This exercise of yoga has been found very relaxing and for making the mind calm. The pose involves the forward direction bending and it is the core of this exercise.

image: © shotsstudio /  Fotolia

image: © shotsstudio / Fotolia

How to do it?

Following steps should be kept in mind while performing this exercise

  • The first step for this exercise is to lay on the floor with your bank on it.
  • Hold your breathe and press your belly inwards
  • Now by holding your hands and feet take a very deep breathes.
  • Now bring your knees with a wide separation between them and make a push to your under arms.
  • Keeping each ankle in a direction above your knee thus making a right angle to the ground.
  • For creating resistance, pull down the arms by thrusting the feet into your hands.
  • Now bring the thighs towards your body by pushing down the bone of tail. In this way the spinal cord and spine will be erected.
  • It should be made sure that the hips do not come off the exercising mat.
  • Hold this pose of Ananda Balasana for thirty to sixty seconds and when the cycle is completed once rest your body.



This type of pose helps in releasing the tension from your area of lower back. It helps in opening up of chest and hips. It brings up the compression towards the muscles of stomach. It is a best exercise for the improvement of health and pelvic bones.


Advice for this pose:

Do not  perform this pose when you are pregnant. Avoid this type of pose if you are having knee injury. The spinal cord should be erect and straight. Avoid performing it if your neck is stressed.


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