The angle of eight Astavakrasana

image: © Elena Ray / Fotolia

image: © Elena Ray / Fotolia

The angle of eight Astavakrasana

Astavakrasana is one of the advance yoga exercises. It is based on the balance of arm which is posed in yoga exercise.

This exercise of yoga is based on concept of bending and curving.

This yoga exercise maintains up the equilibrium of body and develops up the stability of the body structure.

It involves the process of extension for arms and the lifting of legs.


How to do the pose?

Following steps should be kept in mind while doing this pose of Astavakrasana

  • Stand erect like in the pose of a mountain by opening the feet with a bit broad difference between them.
  • Exhale and then bend your body in forward direction by pressing the hands on the floor in a position that they lie outside the feet.
  • Now bend your knees a little and make a slip to your right arm inwards and they should lie behind your right leg.
  • Now press your right hand by pressurizing on floor and make sure that you knee is at height.
  • Push your shoulder in a direction against your knee and lift up your left foot rightwards. Make a cross with your left ankle rightwards and static your ankles.
  • Now move a little towards left and lift up your feet.
  • Make a support with the right leg and exhale by bending your elbows. Now straight up your knees by extending the legs to right.
  • Hold breathe for thirty seconds up to a minute and keep your ankles and arms to relax


This angle of eight Astavakrasana makes a toning of your spinal cord by giving blood supply. The gastric activity of body is increased by the elimination of toxic gases.


Advice for the pose

This pose should be avoided if you are suffering from injuries. The posture should be performed under supervision.


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