Sarvangasana – recommended for asthma, infertility and sinusitis

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image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia


Like all yoga exercises Sarvangasana is known for soothing your nerves and giving you a relaxed state of mind while also relieving you physically.

This exercise can do wonders to you by calming your brains and soothing your nerves that prove to be relieving your physical and mental stress.

Furthermore the Sarvangasana also tends to stimulate your thyroid and prostrate glands along with stretching your shoulders and neck and also toning your shoulders and also neck.

This exercise is recommended by physicians and therapists from all across the globe for patients of asthma, infertility and sinusitis.

However the key to achieving great results with this exercise is by following each and every step carefully and properly.

For this exercise you have need to wrap few blankets on the floor and then place a mat over it in order to support your body and the upper arm in particular.

Now you have to lie down on the blankets giving some proper support to your elbows. You have to rest your arms down on the floor with the torso while raising your pelvis and shoulders up in the air.

You have to inhale and then you will be bending your knees towards the ceiling and putting your thighs parallel to the blanket. Put your back of arms on the torso and then sweep your hands on the back.

Finally you have to put your knees in a straight position while inhaling and pressing your heels to the ceiling. Now you have to decrease tension in your throat and harden your shoulders blades against your back.

In this position you also have to place your forehead in a parallel position of the floor you are resting on. Now give the support of blanket and mat to the back of your palms while trying to life your spinal cord away from the ground.

If this your first time then you has to stay in this pose for about 30 seconds however later it can be increased to maximum 5 minutes daily for effective results.


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