Relax your body and mind with Dolphin Plank Pose

Dolphin Plank Pose

The Plank Pose is also titled as the dolphin pose. This pose of yoga has proved itself in the improvement of the balance of your arm. It has reputed itself as the integrated core in strengthening of the muscles of arms and legs. This yoga pose of plank shape helps in toning of the body structure.

image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia

image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia

How to perform the plank pose?

Following steps should be performed for making your body in a plank pose

  • Get down on the ground by pressurizing the arms and knees of your body.
  • Bring the elbows of body exactly down to the ground by keeping the palms in a firm position.
  • Now keep on raising your hip bone towards the ceiling of your room.
  • For having the plank pose your legs should be straight and your arms should be in form of rest on the floor.
  • Put your head in between your elbows by making a rest position on the floor.
  • Your body should like a shape of triangle.
  • Remain in this posture for about thirty to sixty seconds.
  • At the end exhale and make your knees to touch the floor.

Benefits of plank pose

Following are the benefits of this pose

  • The plank pose brings relaxation to your body and makes the mind calm
  • It reduces the stress factor
  • It gives a good posture and strength to your body muscles, shoulders and legs.
  • It gradually tones up your muscles
  • This plank pose gives strength to abdomen and arms of body.

Advices for the plank pose

Following precautionary measure should be taken while performing the plank pose

  • A person should not exercise this sort of yoga pose if he is suffering from any shoulder and injury of hips.
  • It should be performed under guidance.

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