Optimum level of well-being, self-awareness, youthful and healthy life

image: © Nejron Photo / Fotolia

image: © Nejron Photo / Fotolia

How Kula Yoga and Human Fitness are Inter-related

Kula Yoga is one of the traditional Yoga that has philosophical basis. It was first originated in Kashmir by tantric techniques for Yoga then ultimately got the Hinduism spectrum.

Kula Yoga is considered to be king of all Yoga exercises. All Yoga exercises have only one ultimate rationale that is reunion of mind and body and reformation of inner self. The philosophy behind Kula Yoga is that there is an energy lies at the base of spines that need to be awakened with specific practices such as meditation,

breathing exercises, recitation of positive notes etc. Kula Yoga and Human Fitness, are interconnected due to enlightened energy or marvelous initiation.

Nowadays, the philosophy of Kula Yoga seems to be mysterious but at times it was acceptable and most popular. At first, this was only practiced by teacher who originated it, but afterwards, this mastery has been passed to others as well.

Shiva was a person who is known to be original master of this Yoga. In spite of energy, another important concept of Kula Yoga is ultimate reality of the true heart that should be non-dual.

After Shiva, Gurukula was another philosophy which put this practice further to the world.  Gurukala is an extension of Shiva’s concept and grace and explained by groups such as family or society.

Kula is a newest version Kundalini Yoga that is practiced in Yoga studio, where practitioners assemble to practice spiritual exercises. It is a yoga that allows a person to consciously awaken his divine energy. Ultimately, it helps in enhancing physical, spiritual and mental well-being.

Kola Yoga and Human Fitness, are both main ingredients that are inter-related. Kula yoga offers people the optimum level of well-being, self-awareness and a youthful as well as healthy life.

Moreover, it allows the person to have elemental creative abilities that are truly needed now.

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