How To Have A Stress Free Natural Birth With Yoga

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The pain that comes with pregnancy through labour and even afterwards can be unsettling even to the strongest of women. That is where prenatal yoga for natural birth comes in.

This can be avoided and safe delivery ensured with yoga. Yoga exercises for pregnant mums are targeted on the chest muscles and the pelvic muscles (and pelvic joints). The idea is to allow her chest easily expand to curtail the pressure the growing baby mounts on the diaphragm.

Nutrient is transported by blood round the body and my way of yoga, these nutrients are properly distributed round the body. This helps both the mother and baby to be relaxed.

With yoga, the mother can focus inward and listen to the baby. This will bring about better bonding between the two. Yoga has the following benefits for a pregnant mum;

  • Makes the woman mentally alert: pregnancy dulls women physically and mentally (although more of the physical comes from the mental). Yoga will make the woman to be mentally alert, a state that is invaluable during labour.
  • Yoga allows the muscles of the woman to relax: in the maternity room, the relaxed mind and body of the woman is very important for pelvic contractions and pushing out of the baby.
  • Stamina: if during childbirth labour lasts longer than expected, it is the stamina of the woman that would carry her through the process.

Some prenatal yoga exercise for natural birth

The yoga exercises will improve positioning of the baby and prepare the pelvic bone for the contractions it will undergo.

1) Bow curve: bow curve can be achieve by setting the legs apart and bending forward till your hands rests on a cushion. Another form of this pose is to kneel with legs a little apart then hands stretched out before you on the floor.

This pose is important in relieving lower back pain particularly in the early part of labour which is characterised by restiveness.

2) Squat: the woman squats by going down to a sitting position but without any chair. Normally, with the legs together, the buttocks should rest on the calf but the legs should be apart.

This position helps to induce labour since gravity will push the baby towards the birth canal and the pelvis is forced apart. Squatting should be interchanged between standing, full squat and half squat when the leg muscles begins to ache.

The benefits of yoga is not limited to physical well-being. Like briefly mentioned above, it ensures mental and spiritual wellness because it tries to unite the body , soul and spirit.

The best part of it is that it will cost you nothing but your time. It is however worth a try. Many women have confessed to having a pain free prenatal birth, all thanks to y

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