Eagle pose stretches the areas of upper back

Eagle pose of Garudasana

This pose of yoga Garudasana is commonly known as eagle pose. This pose helps in improvement of balance of body and keeps on stretching the upper part of your back, thighs and shoulders. This pose of yoga exercise makes the posture erect and regularized.


image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia

image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia

How to perform this pose?

This pose is suitable for everyone and following steps should be kept in mind while performing this pose of yoga

  • Rise up the arms to the level of your shoulders and makes the palm in such a way that they are facing upwards.
  • Inhale and make sure that your arms and body shoulders are relaxed and in rest mode.
  • Now keep on bending your elbows by wrapping the forearms. Now in this condition your fingers should point towards the ceiling of your room.
  • Now make a cross by putting your left arm over the right arm so that elbows will be found in position of rest.
  • Now slowly bend the knees of your body and push the weight of body to the next leg.
  • Now place the right foot of your body at the back of your lower part of left leg and same goes for the right side.
  • Your head should point towards the ceiling of your room.
  • Retain this pose of yoga for about thirty to sixty seconds and release your body.

Benefits of this pose

This eagle pose of yoga helps in maintaining the balance of body and keep on stretching the areas of upper back. It maintains your shoulders and outer areas of your body thighs. It makes the ankles and leg muscles strong.

Advice for this pose

Following precautions should be in kept in mind

  • Do not try it if you are suffering from arm injury
  • Do not perform this pose if you are suffering from injury of hips.

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