Chair Pose strengthens up your thighs and ankles

Uthkatasana the chair pose
Uthkatasana is also commonly known as the chair pose. In this type of pose, a person sits in a position of sitting on a chair. This type of pose is known for its ability of putting focus on the muscles of thighs. It involves the functionary of flat feet.

image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia

image: ©shotsstudio / Fotolia

Steps of this pose
Following steps should be kept in mind while performing this exercise

  • Let your body to inhale and line your arms in a direction right angle to the ground.
  • Now it is your choice whether to keep your arms in parallel position and join up the palms.
  • Now next step is to exhale and bend the knees of your body. Make the thighs in a position parallel to the ground.
  • Now the knees of your body will project out and will lean over the feet.
  • Now keep on putting the inner part of thighs parallel to one another.
  • Now keep on pressing the heads of bones of thighs in downward direction towards the direction of heels.
  • Now make a firming texture for the blades of your shoulders in a position against your back bone.
  • Now keep on lengthening the lower part of back.
  • Retain this posture for about thirty seconds up to a minute. After completing release your body in rest position.

Benefits of the chair pose Uthkatasana

Following are the benefits of this pose

  • This pose strengthens up your thighs and ankles.
  • It stretches the chest and shoulders of your body.
  • This pose helps in stimulating the diaphragm and heart.
  • It reduces the defect of flat feet.

Advice to be taken
If any patient is suffering from pain of head and blood issues then he should not try this pose. It should be performed with training.

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