Best yoga poses to be consider

image: © Alexander Yakovlev / Fotolia

image: © Alexander Yakovlev / Fotolia

Best  Yoga  Poses to be Consider

It’s no more hidden aspect that to build and retain outstanding heath, muscle should be strengthened and maintained.

According to Disease Control and Prevention centers, yoga is opted for a best package to strengthen the muscles and body.

Number of yoga types such as Vinyasa, Hatha, Power and Ashtanga has taken their places in the world of yoga due to their variety of postures.

They have been proved helpful to increase strength and support of body.

Best poses Yoga Journals recognized different poses and gave them specific names.

First of all, the common yoga pose is known as four-limbed staff pose. It helps the muscles of triceps, shoulders and chest to relax and strengthen.

It starts with a floorboard pose, and then a practitioner bends the elbows and makes upper arms parallel to upper body.

It allows the wrists to support the weight of the body thus making them strong. The other pose is acknowledged as chair pose. In this, the practitioner imagines himself sitting on chair, however actually stands while doing this posture.

This gives tough time to ankles as well as thighs. Further, the shoulders and arms should be pointed towards top floor. So, more or less, each muscle of body gets involved in chair pose.

Best poses yoga journal guides us to other poses of yoga as well such as stick pose and crow pose are most popular ones. In stick pose, upper part of body and legs are placed corresponding to floor.

Further, arms should be raised near ears with pointed fingers. In this posture, holding is very important that challenges the different body parts such as legs, ankles and arms.

Crow pose helps in stimulating the arms, chest and shoulders. Locust pose is another yoga pose that is considered to be outstanding for reducing back pain.

Yoga poses not provide merely the muscle strength but, it provides the emotional and mental health too that should not be neglected.


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