Best Yoga Exercises for Reducing Back Pain

image: © Stephen Orsillo / Fotolia

image: © Stephen Orsillo / Fotolia

Best Yoga Exercises for Reducing Back Pain

The research has been proven that in order to reduce the back pain, one must undergo with proper exercise. Muscles that are seen to be weak can be strengthened and retrained through appropriate exercise.

If the muscles become strong and balanced, they would support the spinal cord and help to re-attain the flexibility. There are lots of people who have inclined to Yoga exercises to get rid of back pain.

But, not all Yoga exercises can be helpful for this. There are several techniques that are considered to be best Yoga exercises for back pain.

  • The first exercise is sun salutation. It includes standing upright in comfortable and balanced posture. In order to do this exercise; you need to keep your hands near your chest just like in prayer position. Now lift your arms over your head very slowly while taking a long breathes.

If you feel comfortable with movement, then it is better to bend your arms forward to touch the yoga mat. But, if you are new to this exercise, then it is suggestible that just bend your arms to touch the knees with your hands.

Still, if you feel uncomfortable, then do it just by raising your hands.

  • The second important exercise is the corpse. This exercise has significant movements that need to be practiced orderly. At first, lie down at your back in comfortable position; keep your arms resting at sides with your knees expelled faintly. The, allow the tension and stress to leave your body while inhaling and exhaling smoothly.
  • The third one exercise is with the cat pose. First of all, balance yourself on your knees and hands along with your straight and flat back. Look at the floor with the erect head. Then, do few deep breathing in proper manner.

Although, these are best yoga exercises but still they should be done with caution and instructions from experts or professionals at the beginning till you feel enough confident.

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