5 Yoga Expert’s Answers To Your Frequent Weight Loss Questions

image: © mocker_bat

image: © mocker_bat

5 Yoga Expert’s Answers To Your Frequent Weight Loss Questions

Yoga experts are constantly being bombarded by weight loss questions particularly from people who have tried every other means of losing weight and it seems not to be working, taking too long or wearing them out.

The ways to gain weight are numerous and easy but the other side of the card – losing weight – is not as rosy. The rigorous exercises that may be prescribed by your gym instructor or trainer may start off interesting but the fun soon wears off and in its place, a gloom and depression of unequaled result compared to the hard work put in.

There are different options to choose from when it comes to weight loss and they are as follows;

  • Exercise
  • Yoga
  • Surgery
  • Diet
  • Pills

Of all the available methods, the elites most times would prefer surgery or pills since it provides an instant result. The problem will the two methods is that though it will get them slim faster, it doesn’t imbibe in them the mentality of losing weight and they’ll soon be back to where they began.

Also, use of pills and surgery to lose weight often comes with side effects – some of which are mild while others are life threatening. Rapid weight loss resulting from the aforementioned methods can also cause a lot of strain to the body. One of the common effects of rapid weight loss is wrinkled skin.

Myriads of weight loss questions are presented to yoga experts on a daily basis and below are some of the questions and they answers they provide;

  1. What causes weight loss?

Weight loss occurs when your calorie intake is less than that required by the body. To make up for the deficit, the body will burn fats stored under your skin to produce the amount of energy it needs. This constant burning of fats by the body will result in weight loss.

  1. Does yoga burn higher amount of calories than traditional exercise?

Yoga does not burn calories as fast as the traditional rigorous exercises. However, yoga will create a form of consciousness in the mind of the individual so that they are more mindful of what they eat because they have a better understanding of their body.

  1. Can yoga help me to consume less food?

Yes, yoga can help you consume less food. It has been shown that the food consumption pattern of people increase with stress and yoga can help you feel relaxed.

  1. How long will I practice yoga before I begin to notice the weight loss?

Depending on how much time you commit to yoga poses, you may begin to see the results in few weeks. Yoga poses that task you will likely produce faster result too than the simple ones.

  1. Will yoga wear me out like traditional exercise?

Yoga is more enjoyable than the traditional exercise and will not wear you out. There are different classes of yoga too depending on what purpose you want to achieve.

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