Renowned Yoga Breathing Exercises for Practitioners

Renowned Yoga Breathing Exercises for Practitioners 

Yoga is well-known exercise that makes your body flexible and strong. There are some essential components of yoga that need to be considered while doing yoga exercise. For instance, famous yoga breathing exercises focus on the art of breath control.

Most of the people found breathing exercises difficult in doing as they require hard effort. One must make conscious effort to concentrate on breathing to make the exercise effective and helpful.

image: © khubicek / Fotolia

image: © khubicek / Fotolia

One type of breathing exercise that is most favorable is known as Ujjayi.

In this exercise, you need to make a humming sound slowly while allowing the air to enter at the back of throat.

Sound should be produced during both exhalation and inhalation.

You would feel that your produced sound will be similar to the sound of wind in ocean and trees.

The logic of producing sound is that it enables the person to concentrate more deeply and attentively on breathing.

The other breathing exercise is pranayama that involves smooth rhythm and order to control breath.

In this, you have to sit straight and start deep inhalation and exhalation.

While exhaling, a hum sound would be originated at your throat just like whispering. Do this breathing few times but with caution and care.

At first, you have to do it consciously but afterwards, it would become automatic exercise for you. After doing breathing exercises, one must feel relaxed and contented. It seems strange that your face muscles should be in relaxed position while doing the exercise.

Moreover, collar bone must be raised and reduced marginally.

The famous yoga breathing exercises require correct posture and position of body to give optimum results. They can be easily practiced by lying down or sitting comfortably.

Likewise, props like folded blankets, yoga blocks and thick books can be used to enhance the breathing exercises. Whatever the requirement, just remember that you have to practice yoga exercises on daily basis to make it your habit.

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