Paschimottanasana – decreasing headache and alot more benefits

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image: ©Couperfield / Fotolia


Yoga is an effective therapy for not only giving you some physical pleasure but also turns about to be soothing and relaxing for your nerves hence

relieves you from all the stress and fatigue that accumulates in your body and mind every day.

This is why therapists and medical practitioners emphasize of allocating some time to yoga every day so that you achieve the desired results easily without any adverse after effects.

Paschimottanasana is a yoga exercise that gives you quite a lot of benefits like calming your nerves and brain, stimulating your kidneys livers, ovaries etc by giving a great stretch to your  spinal cord, thighs etc.

It also helps in digestion, helping in decreasing headache, mental fatigue and effects of menopause.

In order to do this exercise properly you have to follow the following steps.

  • Begin with sitting on the floor while giving your buttocks the support of a blanket or something and your legs straightened right in from of you.

You have to press your heels and while mildly rocking your left buttock you have to move your right sitting bone away from your heel. Now you have to lift your sternum up.

The next step is that you have to keep your torso straight and breathing in. You also have to elongating the tail bone away from your pelvis. Keep your head raised up in the air with your thumbs on the sole and elbows totally extended.

In case you are holding a strap you have to loosen its grip and move forth with the exercise. Make sure that your stomach will have to touch the thighs before any other part starting with the lower apart of the stomach.

Meanwhile you have to keep breathing in and lift your rib cage so that air reaches in side and you get a good stretch. While you are exhaling you have to let it lose in the front part.  You are required to do this exercise for about 3 minutes daily for great results.

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