MANTRA CHANT-finding solace in music

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image: © byheaven / Fotolia

MANTRA CHANT-finding solace in music

It has been proven that soft music acts as a healer to the body of a human being. From music we might as well turn our attention towards a certain

chant known as the mantra chanting which is serving to be a real melodious healer to a person while its effect can be called as the Neuro-linguistic effect.

Mantras have been found to normalize blood pressure, soothify the heart beat and even lower down the adrenaline level along with cholesterol.

Which is having a successful effect on the persons under high tension?

It has been found that increasingly pop and harsh music brings a tensioning effect in the body since the water molecules inside the body

respond to the music while soft peaceful music ,which is of the speed that is soothing, have a good effect inside the body.

Chanting. The mantra chant should be done at advice range of 4-8 numbers per minute while om namo naraya naaya to be done at 38-62.

Chanting the mantras every day is excellent for both the mind and healthy body. The place where you chose to sit and recite the mantra is of great importance in the way that it should be comfortable and relaxing.

The ideal time for mantra is in morning and Evening .Group chanting is preferably highly appreciated while nil chances of mistakes are expected in the chanting of Vedic Mantra.

Mantras are chanted for bringing a positive change in our lives and maintain a healthy outlook.

Mantra chanting is expressible ideal when done at the expended radius of 7 meters and above. In a nut shell, people who are sick and suffering from aging traumas and illness should consider reciting the mantra chant as the benefits of mantra chanting are many and is increasingly accepted and advised by doctors today

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