Get relief from high blood pressure with yoga

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image: © Piumadaquila – Fotolia

Get relief from high blood pressure with yoga

High blood pressure is very common problem that occur due to hypertension. There are various other reasons that cause high pressure of blood.

People tend to follow more medication and physical activities to lower the blood pressure. Most of the risk factors of these diseases are curable using yoga practices.

Yoga stress management and improved blood circulation techniques lower blood pressure. Following are different risk factors and their cure through yoga.

Yoga makes arteries flexible

With the passage of age arteries get stiffer and there may be plaque stored within the arteries which hinders in the flow of blood. High pressure exerts on the arteries as a result blood pressure increase.

Yoga exercises make your vessels flexible and maintain easy blood flow through arteries. More flexible arteries can pass blood even at high pressure. This results in overall blood pressure reduction in the body.

Yoga controls chronic stress

High blood pressure may occur due to stress. People think more about past and future as a result they have a blood pressure on their arteries. Stress release is extremely important to keep healthy. Yoga exercises are effective means to boost up the mood by secreting hormones and by controlling brain signals for staying happy.

Yoga increases the production of antioxidants in the body along with the control of hormones that cause stress and anxiety. High blood pressure has other risk factors which are also controlled by yoga. These factors include excessive fat, blood sugar level, arteries stiffness, and low levels of HDL and storage of plague in the body.

Yoga helps in controlling weight and burning fat easily. This results in controlling blood pressure indirectly. Yoga helps in redirecting various biochemical chances which are major reasons of high blood pressure in body.

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