Burn calories with Yoga

image: © CandyBox Images / Fotolia

image: © CandyBox Images / Fotolia

Burn calories with Yoga

Most people worry about excessive weight and usually complain about their dietary habits and their abnormal eating habits.

Yet by now there is no need to worry about time consuming exercises and your love for food, all you have to do is just dip yourself in yoga.

Weight loss exercises in yoga are quite common and especially are so less time consuming that one can

easily dedicate 10 short minutes to daily yoga and get effective results in no time

All you have to start is by starting the day with exercise on empty stomach.

Stand up to your maximum height and swing your arms on the most stretched radius while breathing in and out.

Try doing it slowly initially and then gain pace. Most people who suffer from the problem of fat arms can use this method effectively

Next is to stand up in a jogging posture and with your arms bent in place start jogging first slowly then fast on the same position.

Try controlling the breathing by keeping the short huffs of breath calm and cool.

Relax and start again with the same vigorous effort. With gradual sweating you will find your calories starting to burn slowly.

Now stand with your legs wide apart. All you have to do is lean over your left leg first by keeping your body straight and put all your weight on that leg.

Keep there for a while and then shift to your right leg. This is a healthy exercise to shape your legs and tone down your thigh fat. Also strengthen up the leg muscles.

Yoga has been a powerful tool for weight loss for years now. People, who want to be fit and lean and visibly healthier, go for the weight loss exercises in yoga.


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